Dr Susie Daniels

PhD 1998 University of Liverpool Theisi title: Strike Slip Processes and Responses at Convergent Margins

Susie has four years experience of the UK and Norwegian North Sea, Petroleum Exploration sector, together with ten years research and commercial experience in our sister university spin out company (Geospatial Research Limited).  In addition to her oil industry background she has expertise in structural geology (recently characterising fractures in mudstones along the Yorkshire coast), project management (for example, the successful multi-disciplinary, multi-client Integrated Zechstein study completed in 2016), synthesizing regional geological events (which contributed to a major global dynamics model).  Participation in the United Kingdom CO2vStorage Appraisal Project (funded by the Energy Technologies Institute) has given Susie skills defining th methodology and estimation of risk in terms of the storage of CO2

Susie's main areas of expertise include:
Mechanical stratigraphy, especially in Zechstein carbonates
Brecciation and collapse following evaporite dissolution
Fracture characterization (in carbonates, shales, crystalline rocks)
Fracture pressure calculations
Structural geology
CCS operation and containment risk