Prof Richard Davies

Prof Jon Gluyas

Jon Gluyas holds the chair in Geoenergy, Carbon Capture & Storage in Durham. His career of 31 years spans both the petroleum industry (28 years) and more recently academia.  Jon holds and has held leadership roles in industry (including being founding director for two oil companies), academia (leading the national development board for the UK’s new CCS research centre for DECC and EPSRC/NERC) and charities (president of both the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain and the Earth Science Teachers Association).  His research covers a wide range of geoenergy themes and most recently much of his work has focused upon the more complete use of resources and their byproducts.  This has included creation of a new research theme at Durham; Geochemical Reclamation of Industrial Minerals and Elements (GRIME).  Jon has published widely including the best selling textbook Petroleum geosciences and the first paper on winning the economically critical rare earth elements from industrial waste.

 His interests are

Petroleum exploration

CO2 storage 

Enhanced oil and Gas Recovery

Geothermal Energy

Recovery of rare earth elements from waste




Dr Charlotte Adams (Née Nuttall)

BSc (Hons) Environmental Geology, University of St Andrews

PhD 1999 Zinc pollution from Abandoned mines, Cumbria, Newcastle University

In 2009 Charlotte began working as a Business Research Coordinator in Geo Energy at the University of Durham. Prior to this, she was a Research Associate within the HERO group in the Department of Civil Engineering and Geosciences at Newcastle University working on the remediation of waters flowing from and within abandoned metal and coal mines. Charlotte also gained industrial experience during her time working for several renewable energy and environmental technology consultancies. This work involved renewable energy feasibility studies including hybrid energy systems, energy auditing and project management. She brings to GED a wealth of experience as an energy consultant specializing in geothermal energy and ground source heat.

Her main skills are related to:

Geothermal Energy and Ground Source Heat

Groundwater Hydrogeochemistry

Minewater Pollution Prevention

Passive Treament of Minewater

Renewable Energy Technology


Dr Susie Daniels

BA (Hons) 1994 Earth Sciences, University of Oxford

PhD 1998 University of Liverpool. Thesis title: Strike Slip Processes and Responses at Convergent Margins.

Susie has five years experience of the UK and Norwegian North Sea, Petroleum Exploration sector, together with five years experience in our sister, university spin out company (Geospatial Research Limited). In addition to her oil industry background she has experience in regional geological understanding from work on a major global geodynamics model.  Participation in the United Kingdom CO2 Storage Appraisal Project (funded by the Energy Technologies Institute) has given Susie skills defining the methodology and estimation of risk in terms of the storage of CO2.

Main Interests

CCs Operation and containment risk

Fracture pressure calculations

Structural geology

Petroleum Geology

Dr Theresa Jezierski

Dr Richard Jones

Dr Simon Mathias

1999 M Eng in Civil Engineering, University College London

2000  MSc in Water Resources Technology and Management, University of Birmingham.

2001-2005 PhD in Hydrology, Imperial College London.


Simon Mathias was appointed Reader in Computational Geoscience at the Department of Earth Sciences at Durham University in 2011.  Prior to this appointment Simon was a Research Fellow and then Worley Parsons Lecturer of Environmental Engineering, both at Imperial College London.
His principal expertise lies in the development of mathematical models to describe flow and transport of reactive contaminants in porous and fractured porous media. Simon has worked on a broad range of applications including vadose zone transport of nutrients in fractured rock systems, plant uptake of radionuclides, aquifer characterisation studies, buoyancy driven flow problems, in situ chemical oxidation, CO2 geo-sequestration and hydraulic fracture propagation.

Main Interests:



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